Podcast Suggestions

Listener Spetty asks what our favorite podcasts are, both engineering and non-engineering. With a masters in EE and a background in Physics, he cannot find many good podcasts that are the "right" level of technical.

For engineering-related podcasts, Spetty currently listens to Embedded.fm and The Amp Hour as well as 99% Invisible, Engineering Commons, Titanium Physicists, and Spark Gap. His preferred non-engineering shows right now are Reply all, Hello Internet, and Freakonomics.

Andrei Chichak’s list is quite comprehensive. Science and technology related:

  • The Amp Hour - The enemy podcast!
  • Embedded.fm - Elecia, Chris, and Ani the cat.
  • The Engineering Commons - Topics in engineering.
  • GeekWire - A technology podcast from the Seattle region.
  • Science for the People - Science for critical thinkers from CJSR Edmonton.
  • Science Friday - Weekly science from Public Radio International.
  • Silver Bullet Podcast - Frank talk about our crappy security habits from Cigital and IEEE.
  • Software Engineering Radio - From the IEEE Computer Society.
  • Spark - Tech for the masses from CBC (The Canadian Broadcorping Castration).
  • Quirks and Quarks - Canada's weekly science program from CBC

General podcasts:

  • All Songs Considered - rarely popular music from NPR
  • Bass Culture - Ska and reggae from CJSR from UofA Edmonton
  • Car Talk reruns - Soon to be ending from NPR
  • CiTR - The Jazz Show - Three hours per week from CITR student radio from UBC Vancouver
  • Click - Technology weekly from BBC
  • Comedy of the Week - From BBC
  • Engines of Our Ingenuity - 3 minute daily romps into engineering from Uni of Houston
  • The Irrelevant Show - Sketch comedy from some of my friends via CBC
  • Freakonomics Radio - The hidden economics of everything from WNYC.
  • Jazz Northwest - This week in jazz from Portland to Vancouver from KNKX Sea-Tac.
  • RadioLab - Thought provoking and award winning radio from WNYC.
  • Revisionist History - The real story behind history from Malcolm Gladwell (Canuk)
  • Under The Influence - An excellent podcast about the advertising industry from CBC
  • White Roof Radio - Mini Cooper podcast for the last 10 years!
  • World Passport - Vintage hits from around the world. I love that Highlife sound from Ghana.
  • And one more, not a podcast though, WPKN - Bridgeport, Connecticut. Last Friday of the month at 4PM EST. Chris Frantz, the drummer from Talking Heads, has an occasional 3 hour community radio DJ gig. Quite often he can't make it, but when he does, the show is great. He plays an eclectic romp from his NYC punk, post-punk, funk, new-wave, electronic, and disco collection. Archives at the WPKN website.

Chris Gammell (who hangs out in our slack channel as @swornenemy) had a few to add to Andrei’s list:

  • Innovation hub
  • The Startup Podcast (Gimlet media) (Especially the first two seasons!)
  • The Tim Ferriss Podcast - Lots of great interviews, including some people from tech

Alvaro Prieto submitted his answer in the form of an image:


Then added MacroFab Engineering Podcast and StarTalk Radio.

Elecia White doesn't listen to many podcasts:

She has several coding-related podcasts she keeps meaning to listen to more often: Cognicast, the O’Reilly Solid Podcast, Herding Code, Macrofab, and Code Newbies.

Chris White had some random and mostly non-technical suggestions to add:

  • Back to Work A show ostensibly about productivity. Usually about random life events and comics, sometimes complaints about tech. Very funny.
  • Harmontown An extremely irreverent and NSFW live show from community creator Dan Harmon. Usually a lot of improv and (again NSFW, did I say that already?) comedy.
  • Retro Computing Roundtable An old tech nostalgia fest.
  • Robot or Not Possibly the world’s shortest podcast. Discussions of whether things are robots… or not.
  • Unjustly Maligned Guests go to bat defending probably indefensible pop culture.

Finally, Chris Svec added his suggestions:

  • Accidental Tech Podcast: ATP is mostly Apple-centrist geek talk.
  • Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin: Interviews by Alec Baldwin. He is an excellent interviewer, which surprised me; I only knew him as an actor before I stumbled on this show.
  • Hanselminutes: Scott Hanselman’s podcast, which he describes as “Fresh Air for Developers.” This long-running tech show covers a wide range of programming topics.

What did we miss? What should we try out? Do you care about content? Does it have to be somewhat humorous? Does production value matter? Do you want depth in one area?