Embedded.fm is a site dedicated to the many aspects of engineering. We talk about the how, why, and what of engineering, usually devices.

The site includes a weekly audio show created and hosted by Elecia White and Christopher White. Our guests include makers, entrepreneurs, educators, and normal, traditional engineers. The show is a product of Logical Elegance, an embedded software consulting company.

The site also includes a blog written by Elecia White, Christopher White, Andrei Chichak, and Chris Svec.

Andrei Chichak

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computing Science with a specialization in Software Design from the University of Alberta. Starting with my summer jobs in the late ‘70s, I have always tended to the horrible technical side of computing. For the last 17 years I have been writing code for embedded systems for medical, consumer, and industrial devices.

My hobbies are diverse and include dabbling in electronics, making and flying kites, and automotives.

I am happily married to Dorothy and have a son, Andrew, who is currently working on his Computing Science degree at the University of Lethbridge.

My favourite language is Modula-3 and my favourite processor is the National Semiconductor NS32032.

Chris Svec (@christophersvec)

I’m an embedded software engineer at iRobot where I work on the Roomba vacuuming robot and other robots. I started my career designing x86 chips and later moved up the hardware/software stack into embedded software.

I love working at the hardware/software interface as well as the human/computer and human/human interface. Bugs always show up at interfaces, which is why I think about things like empathy and people as well as bytes and protocols. 

I have a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University.

Christopher White (@stoneymonster)

I once said I was the Lake Puddingstone Monster and I've never lived it down. 

Elecia White (@logicalelegance)

I’m an embedded software engineer. I like to make prototypes and ship products.  Out of habit and personality, I’ll mentor people and manage schedules but my happiest days are spent designing and writing code for embedded systems.

I wrote O’Reilly’s Making Embedded Systems and I’m working on another book where I dissect toys to shine a light on engineering concepts.

Logical Elegance

Embedded.fm is a production of Logical Elegance. Christopher White and Elecia White are the talent behind Logical Elegance, an embedded systems consulting company based in California. Please contact them if you are interested in getting some help for your gadget.