Perfect Everyday

I was thinking about defining a perfect day but that was too hard, I couldn’t figure it out. When I started to think about the perfect everyday, I made a list of what I'd do.

Find something to admire. It would probably be something lovely and odd, mostly likely at the beach or maybe at a museum. Or maybe a flower or animal.

Learn something. It can be trivial or important, something from a book, person, class, or work. However, it should be something to remember, not a passing bit of information used and forgotten.

Use new knowledge. I want to use something I've learned recently to help make it stick. It is good to use it for work, code, writing, conversation, Ttwitter, or whatever.

Teach something. I like to explain things, it doesn't matter if it is in person, a blog post, or a work related explanation. It should be a good, ideally reusable instruction.

Do something kind. This could be making someone happy or laugh. It could be related to teaching something or as simple as picking up litter. But overall, being nice is important to me.

Get sweaty and out of breath. Exercise makes me happier and healthier.

Do something creative. It could be a trivial doodle or something related to any of the above.

Do something that makes my husband feel loved. This is separate from all of the others. Telling him newly learned factoids doesn't count (but that doesn't mean I will stop).

Having come up with the list, I find that I'm doing a little better at prioritizing my time. I haven't managed to to all of these in a day (insert excuses) but I am starting to plan my work to support these goals.