294: Ludicrous Numbers of LEDs

Mike Harrison (@mikelectricstuf) challenged us to a PIC fight on Twitter. Surprisingly, no blood was shed and we mostly talked about LEDs and art installations.

Mike’s YouTube Channel and his website electricstuff.co.uk

His professional hire-him-to-work-on-your-neat-stuff site is whitewing.co.uk

For driving LEDs, Mike likes the TI TLC5971: 12-Channel, 16-Bit ES-PWM RGB LED Driver with 3.3V Linear Regulator.

Mike will be at 2019 Hackaday SuperCon!

276: Playing a Song on a Potato

Jesse Rutherford (@BentTronics) gave us an in-depth look at the 555 timer IC (wiki).

Jesse runs Bent-tronics.com and wrote The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the 555 Timer (Amazon).

Some great 555 projects:

Somehow, despite it being in the plan, we didn’t mention the Evil Mad Scientist The Three Fives Kit: A Discrete 555 Timer which builds a 555 Timer out of discrete parts. If only the creator would come on to talk about it and his other cool projects. Note that EMS also has a great description of how the 555 timer works.

The giveaway is Jesse’s book and the components to build the projects in his book.

245: Tell Me How People Hurt You

Stephen Kraig (@Macro_Ninjaneer) and Parker Dillmann (@LnghrnEngineer), of Macrofab (@MacroFab) joined us to chat about getting hardware and software to work together.

Stephen and Parker are also hosts of the Macrofab podcast.

We compared out-the-ordinary podcast guests. For MacroFab episode 112 it was their conversation with a patent lawyer. For Embedded episode 150 it was our conversation with a tax accountant.

Schematics for the Apollo Guidance Computer (and their Kicad replica on github).

171: Perfectly Good Being Square and Green

Saar Drimer of Boldport (@boldport) spoke with us about the crossover of art to electronics and building a business around it. 

Monthly, the Boldport Club ships aesthetically-pleasing electronics kits. We discussed past projects include The Lady and Touchy on the show. The seahorse board is on the blog.

Micah Scott (@scanlime) has entrancing videos of putting together the first club project (Pease) and second one (Superhero).

Saar uses PCBMode to create his circuits. He also wrote the tool. It is open source.

Cratejoy is used for the sales and shipping logistics. 

3: Plenty of candy, no guns

Elecia White and Phil King of Weekend Engineering talk about things a hardware engineer wants software engineers to know. Drifting a bit from topic to topic, they touch on interviewing, oscilloscopes, ways to light hardware on fire, why they work on projects at home and writing novels.

Some links from the show:

Phil works at Lytro making amazing cameras. Elecia and Phil have worked at Leapfrog and ShotSpotter together. Very different products.

Phil's oscilloscope (the one Elecia borrows) is a Tektronix DPO4034.

At Phil's instigation, Elecia wrote a space opera novel for NaNoWriNo a few years back. (If you contact us, you can have a PDF for free. But really, she wrote it in a month, what do you expect? Buy her real book to get the good stuff.)