ESE101: Configuring MSP430 Timers

Last time I explained the basics of what a microcontroller timer is and gave an overview of how timers are configured.

This time I’ll walk you through how to configure an MSP430 timer. We’ll use it to blink a light! (By now you’ve probably realized that most embedded system demos involve blinking a light. I’m pretty sure the singularity will look a lot like a rave.)

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ESE101: Building an Assembly Language Playground

A wise man once said:

Take a kid to a playground and he’ll play for a day. Teach a kid to build a playground and he’ll get frustrated, bored, and wander off.

Today I’m going to teach you to build an assembly language playground. If that sounds fun, read on! If not, then feel free to wander off.

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ESE101: Microcontroller Peripherals, GPIOs, and Blinking Lights: Part 3

This week we complete our three-part look introduction to peripherals, GPIOs, and blinking lights.

By the end of this post you’ll understand how to bend physics to your will with a little bit of typing and mouse clicking. We’ll alter the flow of electrons on a circuit board and make electricity flow through an LED and turn a light on.

This is kind of magical, people, so check it out.

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