157: Explosion of Multicopters

Robb Walters of Flybrix (@flybrix) spoke with us about LEGO-based drones. We graciously let him leave with all his hardware. This time.

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You can order your Flybrix kit and or read their controller code on github (or their controller app code).

Robb mentioned a C++ book he liked, it was Effective Modern C++: 42 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of C++11 and C++14 by Scott Meyers.

He also noted LEGO bricks resale sites: Brickowl and BricklinkLEGO Digital Designer looks like a fun way to design builds.

Cascade PID controllers are on Wikipedia (though I found this tutorial a little easier). 

The congratulations offered at the top of the show were to Meshpoint.me for winning the Best Humanitarian Tech of the Year at the Europas Conference.


125: I Like Cheat Codes

Dan Shapiro (@danshapiro), CEO of Glowforge (@glowforge), speaks with us about laser cutters and his book, The Hot Seat.

If you succumb to the wonder of 3D laser printers, consider using our Glowforge link so you get $100 (and we get $100).

Dan's book, the one Elecia gushes about, is The Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook. Some of that information is also found in Dan's blog

If you are in the Seattle area, Glowforge is hiring! Check out their jobs page.

We didn't talk much about Robot Turtles, a game to teach programming principles to preschoolers.(Also on Amazon.)

There is another interesting interview with Dan at Tested.com.


96: Yarn Is Very Serious Business

Carrie Sundra (@AlpenglowYarn) spoke with us about doing a Kickstarter on her own… and nearly failing.

The SkeinMinder is an automation tool for small yarn businesses (and enthusiastic amateurs). When the successful Kickstarter nearly fell short, Carrie candidly wrote about it (includes a great description of the economies of scale).

Carrie’s yarn company is Alpenglow Yarn. You can use the contact page there to ask for electrical engineering help as well. Carrie is active on Instagram and her blog is a blend of crafts and engineering.

Ravelry is the social media site for knitters and crocheters (requires free account to see anything)

The insanely popular Potato Salad Kickstarter