5: Passion is contagious

Akkana Peck (@akkakk) joins Elecia White to talk about an introduction to Arduino workshop for high school students.

Arduino boards are a fantastic way to encourage people into embedded systems. The boards are cheap, the starter kits are great, there are lots of things you can do with them, and the compiler software is free.

Akkana's site (Shallow Sky) has the workshop outline, going from morning general activities to afternoon specific ones. The really simple circuit for the photo-theremin we had on the show is linked from there (and the latest code is on github). A separate post describes the the cheap motor boards she's been working on, including the specific chips (including the H-bridge).

The summer camp we discussed is GetSET and they eloquently describe themselves as "a program for high school girls of underrepresented ethnic groups to show them that engineering is fun, is creative, improves lives, and is an exciting career option". It is free to the student, funded through the efforts of the Santa Clara Society of Women Engineers (SWE) chapter.

To volunteer for Akkana's workshop (Wednesday June 26, 9am-4pm at Santa Clara University) contact her on twitter or email us here at the show (show@makingembeddedsysetms.com).