Resilience Is a Skill

The thing you are doing in college is figuring out how to learn. The easy, fun, and interesting classes are essentially a waste of your tuition dollars and time. Sorry, but you can/would learn those things on your own. These annoying, boring classes are key to your success. Because if you figure out how to become interested in the classes you don't like, you will do better in industry (or higher academics).

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APIs Are Like Lasagna

Stuart McAndrew and I were talking a little about code. He’s a coding newbie, reading many libraries in order to make progress on building his own satellite (OzQube-1). He asked an interesting question about making code for other people.

(Note: I would use ice cream to explain object-oriented programming. But that's not what this is about at all.)

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Hackaday Advisory Judging: USB Tester

As a nebulously-defined “Hackaday advisory judge”, I want to try out advising folks on their Hackaday Prize entries. On our podcast, I offered to take a look at a project and score it as I would if I were doing the contest judging. William offered up his last-year’s USB Tester as an example project.

Note: last year around this time, I wrote about how to win the Hackaday Prize on element14. That may be a better introduction to all this as I’m going to leap to details now.


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Cheating On Tests

Have you heard about the VW diesel emissions scandal? The software detects that the car is being tested for emissions and changes the engine to function more cleanly. When not being tested, the vehicles do not meet the US Environmental Protection Agency’s emission requirements.

I’m incensed at this. Oh, not because I own a VW (I don’t) or because I’m an environmentalist (I am). I’m angry because there is an embedded software engineer who wrote this code and allowed it to get released to production.

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