Elecia's Index

In Taking Apart Toys, I look inside toys to see what they can tell us about building devices. This might have been a book but it didn’t work out. This is a series that may be of interest to people getting into hardware and/or those who like to see graphic pictures of disassembled toys.

Ty the Typing Robot tracks my ongoing adventures through machine learning, computer vision, and robotics. It is a fairly in-depth series with lots of exploration and open source code.

I like doodling and sometimes use the resulting comics to teach or remember concepts, such as The Consumer Llama’s Guide to the Internet of Things, Narwhal’s Guide to Bayes’ Rule and Snow White’s Guide to Your First Stock Option. There are a few single page versions including Robot Arms and 2D Coordinate Frames and Portraits of Kalman Filters (and statistics).

I have a some advice posts where readers and listeners ask questions. Career and general advice:

More technical advice:

Some deeper dives into particular embedded topics:

I occasionally explore random ideas as they occur to me:

Finally, there are some podcast related posts: