Elecia disassembled Christopher's BB-8! 

This has morphed into the Taking Apart Toys series under the blog area. 

There are some Element14 posts on disassembling BB8 including:

This was first presented at the Hardware Developers Diadactic Galactic Meetup in September. There is a video (my presentation starts near minute 38, though Tom's thermal talk was worth a watch as well). Slide deck

My planned inertial talk was a reprise of one I gave at Solid Con (video) plus some additional math from bzarg’s excellent Kalman Filter writeup. A similar talk was given for CalPolySLO's WISH technical talk, those slides are here.

Some other BB8 teardowns include: IBreakItYouFixIt 2 minute video, Bill Detwiler's 5 minute video, and fictiv's detailed mechanical teardown.