March Micro Madness: Semifinals!

March has ended but we have a few more matches to play.  The changing criteria is keeping these dev kits on their toes!

Here are the judging criteria for each match and the winners!

  • BeagleBone Black vs. ESP8266: Size of main processor package (in its smallest form)
    • BBB's AM3359 Sitara Processor from TI has a tiny 13x13mm package for its Cortex-A8 capability. However the ESP8266's 5x5mm package is the winner here.
  • PyBoard vs. AT89STK-11: Ability to connect to internet
    • Look, it has to be the PyBoard, right? Even if it can't connect directly it is more capable of running a BLE stack or a small TCP/IP implementation. And it has far more peripheral types (I2C, SPI, UART) so it can use all the different IoT modules out there. Ok, the AT89STK-11 has those too but still ... we can't let this go to the referee, he has a clear preference for the 8051 core of the AT89STK-11. So PyBoard. Right?

And the final match up will be PyBoard vs ESP8266!! Who do you want to win?