March Micro Madness: Quarterfinals!

Let's see which micros get to the semifinals! Soon there will be a champion! 

Here are the matches and the judging criteria for each. (This post will be updated with winners and ties will be broken by Chris Svec.) Each correct answer here is worth 5 points!

Wow, lots of ties here! These boards are too well matched.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 vs. BeagleBone Black: Number of hardware random number generators
    • TIE: Both have 1 hardware random number generator.
    • Referee: BBB wins with a tie breaker by coin flip, (Best 2/3, RPi3 was heads: tails tails heads.)
  • PyBoard vs. PSoC 4 BLE: Open source hardware
  • ESP8266 vs. Adafruit Feather Huzzah: Size of RAM
    • TIE: Bad break, these two are the same really. Fighting against yourself is impossible.
    • Referee: ESP8266 wins due to its focus on the fundamentals
  • Adafruit Trinket vs. AT89STK-11: Number of ADCs
    • TIE: Neither the Trinket's ATTiny-85 nor the AT89STK-11 has any ADCs at all. 
    • Referee: AT89STK-11 wins because it has more GPIOs that can be used to interface to external ADCs