Quiz! Which Bus Are You?

Answer these twelve questions to find out what kind of communication bus you are! 

1. Favorite Embedded lightning round question:
a) 8, 16, or 32-bit?
b) Beaches or mountains?
c) What kind of car do you drive?
d) Should we bring back the dinosaurs?
e) Well, actually, I don’t listen to the podcast.

2. Describe your ideal roadway:
a) One lane, one shoulder.
b) Two lanes and a shoulder, plus an individual sidewalk to each destination. 
c) Traffic jam on a bridge.
d) Two lanes, why would you need anything else?
e) Autobahn!

3. Preferred programming language:
a) Perl.
b) Javascript.
c) Linux kernel style C.
e) Python.

4. Favorite sporting event?
a) X-Games!
b) I watch the Super Bowl, but only for the commercials.
c) NASCAR races.
d) Olympics but not the NBC coverage.
e) Fencing tournament.

5. Which of these best describes your typical mood: 
a) I’m usually happy until someone gets me down.
b) I like to be in control… or not at all in control, if you know what I mean.
c) I’m a well-rounded, balanced person.
d) I like to do my own thing without worrying about others. 
e) I’m picky: things have to be done in a certain way to please me.

6. How would you prefer to commute?
a) Pogo stick.
b) Bicycle
c) Subway.
d) Classic VW Bug.
e) Porsche.

7. What is your usual response to one of life’s little hiccups?
a) Aaaah! You made a mistake, you’re killing me!
b) Don’t ever let that happen again young man!
c) Eh, we all make mistakes now and then.
d) That doesn’t look right, take it apart and try again.
e) Don’t worry about it, we’ve got it covered.

8. Do you enjoy travelling?
a) I never leave home.
b) I go to my office and come home again.
c) Small towns are fine.
d) Big city is for me.
e) The universe is my domain.

9. Favorite way to communicate:
a) You have to say my name first or I won’t hear you. Also, please talk slow.
b) Interactive conversation. 
c) Twitter.
d) MOOC.
e) Firehose.

10. Describe your dating philosophy:
a) I date many people but they only date me.
b) I will share my heart with you and you alone. Unless you aren’t selected, then I’ll share with that person and only that person. Or the other.  (Serial monogamy.)
c) Let’s all share, it’s all good. Well, not all good. Within reason.
d) You are my only. There is no other. There will never be another for me.
e) I’m not really sure, depends on my mood. 

11. If your boss schedules  a meeting for 10am, what time do you show up? 
a) Whenever he says.
b) They have to come and get me.
c) Yes sir, after you sir. 
d) If I’m off by 10%, it’s fine.
e) Okay, I’m here, SQUIRREL! zoom.

12. Describe your communication style:
a) Yo Jimmy, I’ve got something for you to do! Jimmy, are you done yet? Jimmy, what’s your answer?
b) Here’s the next puzzler. We received the answer to the last puzzler on the back of a $22 bill.
c) I may repeat myself, but I’ll be terse.
d) Slow down there Speed Racer, I was built for comfort, not for speed.
e) Oh yeah, I can go fast too. What are you at 5? Well I can go 4.5, 10% of the time. But everybody likes me! Oh, now you’re doing 10? Umm, I’ll get my people on that.

Mostly As: You are an I2C bus. You allow many devices to share only two wires via an addressing scheme that never quite works the first time. Your need for pull-ups and your tricky state dependent interrupts are often a turnoff, making it tough to have a good meet-cute. But when someone want a lot of devices without a lot of wires, you are a great choice!

Mostly Bs: You are a SPI bus. You are easy to learn and fast, lots of fun in all. Sometimes you let the mess of wires get out of hand, consuming too many precious processor pins. Still, as everyone's first crush, you are always thought of with fondness.

Mostly Cs: You are a CAN bus. Known for your automotive industry experience, you are a useful, robust, and interesting protocol, often overlooked. External aggravations don't upset you easily. You only hear what you want to hear, when you talk you are telling others about yourself, but know your place in the world. While you seem to have more layers than an onion, you aren't that difficult to get to know, plus you are great on a resume. 

Mostly Ds: You are a serial port. You are not old, you are classic. Right? Your consistent simplicity is beloved by developers everywhere. Don't ever change. 

Mostly Es: You are USB. Everybody likes you until they have to work with you. Then they realize that your easygoing personality hides a megalomaniacal dictator. Worse, no one can decide which way is up with you and your cable proliferation is simply out of control. Be careful, your willingness to share power may make others use you for their own ends. People should like you for yourself (and your high speed data throughput).