180: Chickens in Helmets

Have you ever wondered how your programming tool works? Piotr Esden-Tempski and Gareth McMullin have built the Black Magic Probe and joined the show to explain how it works.

Kickstarter for Black Magic and 1Bitsy ends December 29th. If you missed it (or need a Black Magic v2 instead of waiting for v2.1) go to the 1BitSquared Store. For more in-depth information about Black Magic, look at Gareth's github repo. For more information about the 1Bitsey dev board, look at 1bitsy.org

Contest! Tweet to @1bitsquared.

The YouTube channel about electronic teardowns was Mike's Electric Stuff: youtube.com/user/mikeselectricstuff.

If you want to say other hellos to Piotr, try his personal account: @esden. Or you can contact Gareth via Black Magic's Gitter channel

Embedded.fm Hats-n-Hacks party will be 2-5pm on Saturday, January 28, 2017 in Aptos, CA. More details soon, including how to RSVP.


163: Syringes That Give You Cake

Nadya Peek (@nadyapeek) joined us to talk about making machines that build things. 

Nadya's website is infosyncratic.nl, which includes her blog. Nadya's dissertation defense on Making Machines that Make: Object-Oriented Hardware Meets Object-Oriented Software was standing room only.

MIT Center For Bits and Atoms, which studies "how to turn data into things, and things into data."


Machines that Make: MTM.cba.mit.edu

2: My little pony stopped outputting

Elecia (@logicalelegance) and Jen () compare multimeters then install the Saleae Logic to debug a problem. Elecia pines for a nifty oscilloscope.

Some products discussed on the show:

Saleae Logic USB Logic Analyzer (and direct Saleae website)

(Somewhat expensive) Fluke Digital Multimeter

TPI 120 Compact Digital Multimeter (El's desk meter)

BK Manual Ranging Tool Kit Digital Multimeter (El's other meter, not Burger King!)

Radio Shack  22-801 (Jen's home meter)

Excellent article on SPI protocol on WIkipedia

Board with SPI devices that was debugged during the show.

Board with SPI devices that was debugged during the show.