256: Agglomeration

Chris (@stoneymonster) and Elecia (@logicalelegance) celebrate the 256th episode with a confusing lack of cupcakes.

IAmTheCalvary.org has an excellent Hippocratic Oath for Connected Medical Devices 

Make Magazine has some tips to tighten security on DIY IoT Projects.

Rockstar Language Specification (and FizzBuzz example) 

The C++ episode we discussed was #247 with Jason Turner.

Topics and Times:

00:00    Zero
00:27    Intro and cupcakes
03:09    Patreon and Slack
04:24    Transcripts, chapter markers?
07:48    Listener question:  ST HAL, Cube, SPL, Bare Metal?
14:22    Hippocratic Oath for Connected Medical Devices
19:32    Make magazine article on DIY IoT Security
22:36    NYC Embedded and Engineering Meetup?
23:42    C++: Expressiveness, optimization vs. good code
30:21    C++: Spec size vs. C#/Java
32:22    A question of parentheses leads to mild violence and ranting
35:43    Rockstar: The Language!
43:59    Wherein we "discuss" Rust for some reason, again.
46:45    Elecia's Projects in Python and JSON
50:18    Elecia's available for gigs!
50:50    Elecia's ML overview blog post
51:38    The end of Embedded
52:42    Wrap up
54:04    Winnie the Pooh continues...