91: Save Us from Astronauts

The Linker post for this episode: How to Win the Hackaday Prize (and Other Design Challenges)

Sophi Kravitz, electrical engineer and Hackaday Mythical Creature, came on to leak the new Hackaday Prize details! 

On twitter, she's @SophiKravitz and often has the reins of @HackadayPrize.

Sophi mentioned Matt Berggren's PCB workshop (oh! and a Solid talk too!). All three of us have been trying to make time for Contextual Electronics (now with fewer time constraints!).

Hackaday Omnibus

HardwareCon (startup conference in San Leandro, CA)

Giant Flip-Dot Display at CES

Soft Robotics Kit (and contest)

The balloon project is going to FITC. You can hear the soothing sounds here.

Sophi rejoins us after being on Episode 77: Goldfish, Fetch My Slippers. Also, we forgot to discuss it but Sophi was an author in the Maker Pro book, full of neat essays.