11: Tell me I'm wrong, it's fine

Karen Lightman () joins Elecia White to talk about the infinite awesomeness of tiny MEMS devices. Recorded at the (somewhat noisy but lovely and delicious) Blue Brasserie during SEMICON West.

Karen is the Executive Director of the MEMS Industry Group, the nonprofit trade association advancing MEMS across global markets. This the group that wrote the standard definitions that make MEMS easier to use, see the Resources section of their website.

MEMS Executive Congress in Napa, Nov 7-8. Please bring new MEMS devices to the pitch event (Elecia is a judge!). 

They mentioned some ignorance of RF MEMS, looks like someone need to read this book.

Energy harvesting kits we discussed were from MicroGen. They have a neat youtube video.

Redux of the Feynman's There's More Room at the Bottom  lecture.