110: Happiness Is a Warm Puppy

BeagleBone's Jason Kridner (@Jadon) returns to tell us about his new book.

Jason co-authored a new book: BeagleBone Cookbook: Software and Hardware Problems and Solutions (or at O'Reilly). His older book is Bad to the Bone: Crafting Electronics Systems with Beaglebone and BeagleBone Black.

Previous Embedded.fm episode 60: Fun Things You Can Make out of Beagles

BeagleBoard.org's Google Summer of Code page (including BeagleSat and underwater drones!)

Some information about putting Xenomai on a BeagleBone Black for real time response.

Chris mentioned Brillo, an alternative Google supported OS that isn't on the BBB.

Project Ara: an open source smartphone

Ardupilot: Autonomous drone piloting. 

Dronecode: Drones in Linux

OpenROV: Underwater vehicles

Mars lander Beagle 2 (the Apollo 11 Lunar Module was the Eagle despite some comical confusion). [UPDATE: Listener Mark Stevens pointed out that the Apollo 10 Lunar Module was named Snoopy who was a beagle.]

TI's E2E Forums

BeagleBone Green