Discovery: Button Interrupts

This week, Andrei discusses how our button can be used to generate an interrupt. Other examples include engine management computers. What things should you look out for when using interrupts. 

Don't miss the photo at the bottom of the post for a useful hack.

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Discovery: Follow The Bouncing Bit

This time, Andrei looks into switches, their bouncy nature, Schmitt triggers, hardware, and software debounce techniques. Join us for a look into the resistors and capacitors leading to port PA0. See oscilloscope traces in black AND white! All of this and more in this blog post!

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Discovery: Buttons

This week Andrei is writing about buttons. First a bunch of the background stuff that goes along with buttons, how the positrons scoot around and finally make it to the processor. Then he takes a look at the HAL code used to read the button position.

How hard can it be? Well sit down and get comfortable, this won't hurt a bit (we'll leave the hurting bit for next time, Bwa ha haaaaa).

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Quadcopter Controller: Buttons and Joysticks

The quadcopter controller has some normal push buttons which work the same way that the karaoke buttons work. The on/off switch is a slide switch (like karaoke’s on/off switch but its action goes side-to-side instead up-and-down), the rest are momentary buttons. From the outside, it may not be obvious that the controller’s flight trimmer inputs are momentary buttons, they look like rocker switches

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Press All the Buttons!

Confession time: I hate blinking lights. Oh, I know, I read (and wrote!) the last few posts and I like controlling LEDs as much as the next engineer, but I don’t like seeing lights blink. They’re often too bright, too annoying, and too useless. Pushing buttons, on the other hand… well, if the world ends, it might be because I wanted to know what would happen when I pushed some big red button.


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