On Mechanical Sympathy

Jackie Stewart was the Formula 1 World Driving Champion in 1969, 1971, and 1973. He raced in the Can-Am series (even here in Edmonton) butting heads with the likes of Bruce McLaren himself. 

One thing that Jackie had going for him was that he was smooth. He became a part of the car, they worked together. He worked hard to understand what the car was telling him, and how to get the car adjusted to work with him. He had Mechanical Sympathy.

In computing, we are given operating systems, compilers, databases, and machines. By getting our own version of mechanical sympathy, we can understand what is happening, and use our knowledge to get the maximum out of our systems.

In this post, Andrei goes a little deeper into mechanical sympathy and gives some links to videos and podcasts for your enjoyment.

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