An Idea for a Weasley Clock

In Harry Potter, there was a magical item called a Weasley Clock which showed where everyone in the family was at  particular time. Tom from Australia wrote in, wanting to design one but not sure how to get started. He’s new to embedded but is a software developer. I was amused by the idea of such a clock and procrastinating about another project so I put together a response. Happily, Tom says you can read his mail so here it is.

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Elementary Quantum Mechanics

Some of you may have suffered through enough physics in college to remember something called the “Electron in a box” model. Well, today I’m going to show you an Electron coming out of a box.

A while back I wrote up a small project with the Photon, a Wifi-enabled prototyping board that can be programmed using Arduino-like code. I got a surprise in the mail this week:  an intriguing successor to the Photon, the also unsearchably named “Electron”. 

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