DMA - Monster Machines Moving Massive Memory Mounds

Need to move big amounts of dirt? You could use a tea spoon or something designed for the job, like a dump truck, or a really big dump truck.

In our programs, occasionally, we have to move large blocks of data.  We can move it item by item, or bring out the data moving dump truck of computing, DMA.

This week, Andrei presents two examples of using DMA (with code included).

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DMA - A Little Help From My Friends

Do you need to shoot out a block of data to your SD card and polling is getting you down? Is your system getting crushed by UART interrupts? Direct Memory Access (DMA) is the answer.

DMA is really useful, but it's treated like computer voodoo by many. This week Andrei introduces us to the concepts behind DMA and gives a few examples.

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