Recruiter Followup

Anita Pagin recently joined us on the Embedded podcast and we saw hiring from a recruiter’s point of view. It was eye-opening, even for those of us who have been in the industry for awhile.

One of the things Anita suggested was building a portfolio in addition to a resume. I’ve never been sure what that looks like, so I asked for examples. Anita sent a few over. They come in many form factors. I’m amused by the paper brochure. Here are some websites that Anita recommended:

Of course, a portfolio is secondary to the good-old resume (or CV). Anita suggested Looking at some sample resumes (that link is for software engineers, there are many other categories to choose from).

I have my Logical Elegance website, my LinkedIn profile, my part of this blog and weekly show, and a github page that occasionally sees progress on my projects. But I don’t tie it all up in a bundle as Anita suggests. I wonder if an Elecia-at-a-glance page would be a good use of my time. And I wonder if it would still be current in a month.

Do you have a portfolio? Please link to it in the comments.