March Micro Madness: PyBoard vs ESP8266!

March Micro Maddness comes down to this: the powerhouse everyone-loves-it ESP8266 or the oddly functional PyBoard. For this match, there are three randomly chosen match criteria:

  • Lowest price of the processor as found on
    • ESP8266 costs $1.78 from Espressif Inc with a minimum order quantity of 100.
    • The PyBoard's STM32F405RG costs $6.48 from Mouser with an MOQ of 1000.
  • Number of UART / SPI / I2C
    • ESP8266 has I2C + 3 SPI + 2 UART for a total of 6 interfaces.

    • The STM32F405RG  has 3 I2C + 3 SPI + 4 UART for a total of 10 interfaces.

  • Number of ADCs
    • ESP8266 has one 10-bit ADC on pin 10, presumably to measure its battery level.
    • The STM32F405RG  has three 12-bit ADC which you can combine and move to sample 2.4 mega samples per seconds. This gives you up to 24 channels and 7.2 MSPS in triple interleaved mode. Um. Wow. Crushed it. 

In a sneak attack victory, the Pyboard wins over the illustrious and amazing ESP8266.