March Micro Madness 2017

Microprocessors compete all the time, racing to be the cheapest, the lowest power, the easiest to use, the most available, the best for some application. Let’s see how the dev kits and eval boards stack up against each other.

Your challenge is to fill out this March Madness bracket form (click on image for PDF). You select the stronger of each matchup until you’ve bet it all on a winning platform.

Starting next week, I’ll announce what criteria the first round is being played on and update the current status.

Overall winner receives an Embedded hat. You can prove your omniscience by taking a pic by March 15th and posting it somewhere (tweeting, instagram, and so on). Note: you don't have to get the champion right. You win by points as each correct entry in the first round is worth 1 point, next round is 2 points, next is 3 points, quarterfinals are 5 points, finals are 8 points and 13 points for the selecting the correct champion. 

Big hat tip to March Mammal Madness. I would never had done this if I hadn’t seen someone’s filled out form with notes (how did Giraffe beat Lion? I'll never know).