Ooooh! Pretty!

When I tell someone about and they are interested, I know that they’ll forget as soon as they walk away. I mean, I would. So, Chris and I made stickers. And that became our logo and banner on this site. You may have seen it:

As you can see, it was fine. Not great but not awful for the couple hours we spent on it. It got the point across and served its purpose. Upon meeting people, I could hand out a sticker and know that if they were truly interested, they wouldn’t forget.

I’d been considering a new logo design but time being limited, hadn’t gotten anything done. Then we had Sarah Petkus come on the show to talk about her robots (142: New and Improved Appendages). Prepping for the show, I fell in love with her poster art. So I asked if she would design a new logo/poster for us.

I’ve wanted a poster as some folks have asked about putting something on college CS/engineering bulletin boards that explains what the show is. And I’ve wanted to get t-shirts so I was hoping for something that would work for that too…

Sarah patiently led us through the design process to our new sticker design.

Isn’t it wonderful? And no more tagline! (Yay!)

But! There is so much more. The posters. They were so enchanting that we couldn’t decide between the options Sarah gave us. Really couldn’t decide. Finally did decide but it was really hard (and you may see second one soon because I love it too). But here it is, the official poster/logo of the podcast (drumroll!):

You will see these on a tshirt printing site so save up your ~$20 (+shipping). I will also be getting stickermule stickers so if you see me somewhere, ask and I will happily hand them over. I’ll probably mail them out with contests or other things (mysterious music).

Over the next week or two, you’ll see the new branding here and on Twitter. It will trickle through Apple and all the various podcast logos. I may do baseball hats on Zazzle or something (or we may do them locally). Let’s just paper the world with this, ok?

Oh, and as for what to put on the poster… let’s see. Something like this, I think. I’m happy if you want to customize the text. I’m thrilled by the idea that you like the show enough to put up a poster in your building so don’t hesitate to put on your favorite show.

Some ideas for customizing text:

  • is a weekly podcast where we talk about the how, why, and what of engineering, usually devices, software, and/or hardware.
  • Embedded, the show for people who love gadgets: making, breaking, and everything in between. Interviews with engineers, educators, and enthusiasts.
  • Processors are all around us, silently doing their jobs and you never notice. Find out the true secrets of embedded systems: listen to
  • The weekly show: software, firmware, hardware, and the people who make them.
  • Listen to We have satellites, robots, lasers, drones, cars, processors, schematics, hackers, makers, and engineers.