Embedded Software: The Tricky Parts (Video)

I gave a talk to the Silicon Valley IEEE Computer Society. My goal was to tell computer scientists about what they could expect from embedded systems. It was not an introduction at all, I assumed my audience was beyond that and looking for pitfalls.

I should let my abstract speak for me:

Embedded software is not like other software; working close to the hardware has a special set of challenges. Elecia will provide an overview of the more difficult areas in embedded software including processor profiling, map files, bootloaders, and debugging remotely. This is framed as a project that starts with off the shelf dev boards using sample software and evolves into custom hardware running optimized software.

The IEEE-CS-SV has generously let me post the video to YouTube. If videos aren’t your thing, I do plan to do a multi-part blog series here based on my talk notes. Soon-ish. In the meantime, my slides are likely to be perfectly useless to you but you can see them anyway.