Hackaday Advisory Judging: USB Tester

As a nebulously-defined “Hackaday advisory judge”, I want to try out advising folks on their Hackaday Prize entries. On our podcast, I offered to take a look at a project and score it as I would if I were doing the contest judging. William offered up his last-year’s USB Tester as an example project.

Note: last year around this time, I wrote about how to win the Hackaday Prize on element14. That may be a better introduction to all this as I’m going to leap to details now.


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Welcome to Embedded.fm Blog

We want a space where we can point people for further investigation of ideas presented on the podcast. We want a place to put the thoughts that don’t fit with an audio show. We want to collaborate with other people on different perspectives of embedded systems and engineering. We want to practice writing for people as well as computers.

We want a lot of things. To get from here to there requires work. We can’t do it alone so we’ve invited a few contributors to share the writing. I’m pleased to have Andrei Chichak and Chris Svec join my co-host Christopher White and myself in this endeavor.

The goal is for each of us to post once a week. We’ll talk about the classes we teach and the approaches we like in embedded software education. We’ll dive deeper into tangents from the podcast. We’ll talk about our current projects. We’ll kibitz about code, languages, processors, and sensors. And we’ll share a little more of the reality of our lives.

We have no idea where this is going or how long it will last. Come back next week and the week after, maybe we’ll have an idea or even a plan. More likely, though, there will be a new story, a new joke, a new piece of technology, and a new tidbit of news.